Fee's and funding

Fee's - £6.60 per hour


Funding available: 


3 & 4 Year Olds 

Each child is entitled to claim nursery funding provided by the government for 15 hours a week, spread over 2 days or more, from the term after their 3rd birthday. Any hours above these 15 hours will be charged at £6.60 per hour.

We do not specify when the free hours are taken. You may use more than one setting, but your child cannot have more than 15 hours free per week in total. The free entitlement is for 38 weeks a year.  

We offer the government extended hours of 30 hours funding for families who are eligible on top of the 15 hours funding. 


2 Year Olds 

At Rowledge Playgroup we are part of the Surrey Early Years Funding scheme that allows eligible children to receive free early years education from the term after their second birthday.